martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

With two Seattleites !!!

This week I had a fun conversation with two ladies in their 40’s. We came across on Prospect Street and I asked for the cemetery to one of them called Annet who told us that she and her sister Dayanne would go there and then we all together spent all the morning there.
They were very friendly and warmth because they led us to the cemetery through the Volunteer park and explained that there were two special graves because Bruce Lee, the famous actor of martial arts and his son stayed in that place. We took some pictures and it was fun while we were chatting about offerings since we saw flowers, bottles of water, and fruits for instance, oranges. Dayanne and Annet explained that these offerings would be for culture while others graves didn´t have fruits.

Also, we saw Denny´s graves and many others but what I draw my attention was a grave of a very young soldier who died in war at 25 years old young. 

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  1. Hello,

    It seems you had such a good experience visiting the cementary and I think that having the opportunity to speak with two Seattleites made it much better.