martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

A drugstore in the Ave.

Drugstore in the Ave, Seattle, WA

Today was a wonderful day because my classmates and I did a lot of things. Personally  I was tired because we walked too much in Burke Museum and later we went to Bainbridge which is a beautiful, charming and greenish island plenty of boats, but I will tell you later about this. When I came back to my hotel I was looking for a drugstore where I might buy laundry bags but I didn’t find them. Finally I arrived at the place to buy them. So I`m going to tell you the following:

My experience was in a drugstore where I was looking for laundry bags and then the seller of the drugstore that is in The Ave helped me but it was funny because he showed me many bags and examples of these. For instance, he brought many bags for specific things; he explained that it would be fantastic if I would buy a laundry bag for $2.99 whinch in reality it contained two of these so I bought it. He was very kindly besides I could understand perfectly a piece of advice that he gave me and of course I bought some chocolates with pictures of Seattle and key rings for souvenirs. So my recommendation for you is pay less and take souvenir in a drugstore where sellers are polite and of course, the things in that place are inexpensive.

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