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Veteran's Day

Veterans Day

November 11th is a special day because people from Seattle remember service members in the armed forces and they are honored in an event that day.
I learnt that Memorial celebration is for service members who are dead because they gave their life in order to defend their country but it was amazing to have seen a grave with a picture of a soldier who died in 2008 at 25 years old. He was very young and I felt with a nude in my throat when I saw that man with a child in his arms. Maybe this child was his son or a simple child lost in the middle of a war, who knows…
Also, in the cemetery my friends and I found two women who told us about this day. Many stories were told but one of them was fantastic because they mentioned that a man (I couldn´t remember the name) had survived although he had been in coma many years and after that  he had had a life with his wife and children but finally he dead until he was an elderly person so it seemed to me as a love story with drama.
I think sometimes it could be the fate which says when people might die. The important thing is that people have to build faith besides being healthy in mind and physically.
I liked to spend my morning there. These two ladies were very friendly. At the end, they asked me what I would do in Thanksgiving Day. Maybe I may go with them and learn a lot more of culture of this city.

I would like to include the next photo that I took because not only in the cemetery I saw flags but in my school UW as well.

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