viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Two wonderful museums

Yesterday at the morning  I went to MOHAI Museum which is a interesting place where you can find the evolution of Seattle. It talks about history and industry. For instance, there was a room where it showed how people were civilized and they built a mill. Also, people wanted imported refined women which it was amazing for me because I supposed that they wanted not only refined women but beautiful women. The time period was 1859.
In the 1980´s John Fluke Sr. stated a little electronics company in the basement of his house and later he made a large amount of money since he made 150 million in annual sales and the interesting thing was that he studied at UW where  nowadays I go.
There are a lot to enjoy in the museum, for example I recommend you Maritime Gallery where you can see all those boats that made history.
Seattle Art Museum was another place that I visited the same day. I was tired but it didn´t matter me because when I entered, I saw pop art since there were some cars with a lot of lights which were hanging above us. I saw at the first room contemporary art from India, also there was egypcian art which I loved it and some modern pictures, strange masks, some beautiful object made of porcelain which were from Japan and China. Medieval time period was awesome because all those picture showed mysterious faces.
Finally, the last room there was a special display but I couldn`t take snapshots. It was about Andy Warhol. You´d better  go there and enjoy it.

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  1. Hi Gabby, I know that time was so short for wadering in the museum, but I think that you took advantage of it since there are really interenting facts about it. I love the way you explore each corner in the city

  2. Yes, in fact I have tried to do it but it was tiring when you were visiting two museums at the same day lol