miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Who I am

My name is Gabriela Guzmán Medina and I work at Universidad Tecnológica de Tecámac in the state of México. I have taught Marketing there since 2006 although I studied  Science Communication but I suppose that it was the fate which let me work in Marketing since I remember.

Before working at Universidad Tecnológica de Tecámac, I worked in Televisa which is a huge enterprise in Mexico, it is mainly famous for its soap operas programs but in fact I don´t like them. I had fun there in the area of Marketing too but later when I wanted to study for a master’s degree my plans had changed and I began to search another job, so I became a teacher in that University I mentioned before. My master degree was International Management and I liked it a lot.

Nowadays, I am very happy because I do what I like as being a teacher and it is very rewarding to learn from my students different ways of thinking. Also in the evenings  I have enough time to exercise, go out with friends and spend time with my parents.

I have learnt that having a job which let you enjoy your life is better than being underpressure because of an absorbed job. In that sense, I try to do many things like playing the guitar, doing yoga, visiting museums, reading some books, learning English, spending time with my friend and family, trying new courses and so on.

Finally, I am an active woman and I am willing to learn about a good philosophy of life.

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  1. Hi Gaby it's very weird for me that there are many teacher in the clasroom, I'm feel very young :P lol but it's better, I recommed to you, post your photo, nice to meet you :)