jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014



This place is wonderful which is located in the South lake union neighborhood and if you want to know history of Seattle I highly recommend you to explore its galleries besides having special exhibitions.
For example, I learnt a bit of industry, technology, innovation, maritime life, naval reserve, planes and music. Also, I could see a collection of urban sketches by Gabriel Campanario a drawer from Spain but he has lived in Seattle since 8 years ago and he works in a local newspaper where you can see his sketches which are really interesting.
I went to 4 galleries, in the first one which I entered talked about Washington history and how people arrived at Seattle. Therefore, I think this city is multicultural since ever.
Seattle has had different periods of evolution and I could see in its buildings many structures, for example Space Needle is an icon, a landmark built since 1962. As well as famous people not only because of buildings with amazing architecture but musicians as Kurt Cobain who was very famous around the world.
I took many photos, of course one of these photos is very representative because there was a plane hanging on the middle of the roof, so it was a Boeing B-1 on display and you could see it better since first floor.
I liked the innovative machine of electroshocks and I think it has had an impact on the evolution of science due to the fact that it has helped to many people with heart arrests and it began at the end of the 60`s. It was amazing.

Finally, outside you can see a beautiful view since The lake Union is there with many ships or boats. 

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