miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

The Ave.

Today my classmates and I had a great experience with native speakers because we developed an oral practice that my teacher assigned us, so my partner Luz and I went to The Ave which is a street where there were plenty of stores. 

There we went to an exclusive barbershop for men and started doing our task. A man called Kirk answered very kindly some questions but other sellers didn´t want to answer us because they were busy.

Kirk told us that he had this barbershop for adults because children were mischievous and of course he told us about prices and schedules. Later, we entered to the Sport Center where another friendly woman (Kisha) said that she had sold a lot of bottles for drinking water and the least sold were M&M candies.

Finally, we went to the bookstore and the first woman didn’t want to answer us but at the other side of the store a woman called Cari told us that she could help us with our queries. It was amazing that we found out the cost of a stuffed animal because it was 750 dls. So I supposed that nobody wanted that stuff; however, there had some face tattoos with a “W” and everybody seemed to buy them. 

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