miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

the final post!

Hello everybody! It was a terrific experience in my life as well as in my spiritual learning.I have loved every single moment in Seattle and I would like to be more time to hang out but fortunately I did a good schedule for take advantage of visiting several places such as The Pike Publuc Market in downtown, Bainbridge Island, Bellevue,Ballard,Capitol Hill,Wallingford, Freemont, and many others fantastic places. I don't want to leave this beautiful city but the life goes on but if I had the chance I would do it again! Thanks everybody!!!!

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

The Locks

The Locks

It was the first time that I experienced how the vessels entered through big gates and these allowed their entrance. Then I saw a lot of water that was flowing in and out of the lock through tunnels.
It filled so quickly and it was amazing that it covered 7.5 million gallons of freshwater and I also learnt that there were salmons which swam against the current and of course they put 5 million of eggs so I couldn’t imagine that but there was a little space that explained that and I took some snapshots in a room called The fish ladder.
My classmates and I walked around and we saw many squirrels and it was funny because these approached to us and we didn´t scare.
After being that place we entered to a restaurant in front of the locks and we tried its specialty which was "fish and fries". It was delicious and I highly recommend you to eat there because I ordered a salad with shrimps and it took me to another planet for an instant.

I enjoyed a lot and maybe I will go again. 

Burke Museum

Burke Museum
Today my classmates and I went to Burke Museum.
This place focuses on environmental issues and it has three wonderful sections and some of them are interactive. Personally, I liked the animals’ life, for example there was a crab that was found in Hoko River, Washington and its age 40 million years ago. It was amazing when I read about the effects on these animals and all those organisms that would survive to salt water and ash from volcanoes because those animals and organisms were buried.
Burke Museum has many things to share with. I realized about their traditions, for instance first voices were brought from the Pacific and sounds appeared so Lushootseed is a kind of tribe or community that was rescued and they were the first native speakers with songs.
There are many things to enjoy and of course, my task was “ Iceberg”. It was really interesting because I could see that when glaciers melt they became in channels of  Puget sounds and they created lakes. The material deposited by them is called glacial drift. Much of Seattle is built a top loose glacial drift and then developed the civilization.

Finally, these glaciers advanced and retrated for nearly 2 million years and of course this changed the landscape but it has been beautiful too with the buildings and the sightseeing in its surroundings.

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

A drugstore in the Ave.

Drugstore in the Ave, Seattle, WA

Today was a wonderful day because my classmates and I did a lot of things. Personally  I was tired because we walked too much in Burke Museum and later we went to Bainbridge which is a beautiful, charming and greenish island plenty of boats, but I will tell you later about this. When I came back to my hotel I was looking for a drugstore where I might buy laundry bags but I didn’t find them. Finally I arrived at the place to buy them. So I`m going to tell you the following:

My experience was in a drugstore where I was looking for laundry bags and then the seller of the drugstore that is in The Ave helped me but it was funny because he showed me many bags and examples of these. For instance, he brought many bags for specific things; he explained that it would be fantastic if I would buy a laundry bag for $2.99 whinch in reality it contained two of these so I bought it. He was very kindly besides I could understand perfectly a piece of advice that he gave me and of course I bought some chocolates with pictures of Seattle and key rings for souvenirs. So my recommendation for you is pay less and take souvenir in a drugstore where sellers are polite and of course, the things in that place are inexpensive.

jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

Native speakers

Native speakers

Today in my class I had a marvelous speaking with Seattleites who very kindly gave me their own perspective about different themes. I asked for information for my final project mainly, but other things came to my mind. For instance, lifestyle, majors in University of Washington, food, night life, food and so on.
These people were very friendly and I liked a lot to do this activity. Nancy, Alex, David, James and Lora spoke with me for a couple of minutes and I would have liked speaking much more or it would be better to repeat the activity with other topics. But the most interesting thing that I found out was to know about their experiences as Americans. For example, James told me about his experience in Vietnam which was amazing and romantic to spend time there with his wife and later they lived in Seattle and he told me about his lifestyle.

I consider being fortunate because it is different when people pay attention to you and they listening to you and give you different opinions. I would say that it helped me a lot with my project and my team and I got notes to do our task.


The Ugly Mug, 1309 NE 43rd St.

I went to this lovely and comfortable place where I drank a delicious coffee called Pumpkin Spice Latte and its price was $3.85 for 12 oz. Besides being the most popular drink in all Seattle (well I guessed that) it is the most sold.
In winter, they sell mainly egg nog lattes which are also a certain specialty from its Coffee. But if you want to go there, it is only open from Monday to Saturday until 6 or 7 p.m. Sometimes, there are clients who don´t like coffee at all, instead of ordering coffee they ask for earl grey milk tea or green tea latte.
I want to tell that this place is small so if someone wants to go between 9 am or 10 am this place will be crowded. Maybe it could be an excuse to meet someone famous as Kevin Malone from TV series.

At last, baristas are very friendly and they could recommend you a single tall iced latte with caramel of course if it is not in winter but anyway their beverages are delicious in flavor.



This place is wonderful which is located in the South lake union neighborhood and if you want to know history of Seattle I highly recommend you to explore its galleries besides having special exhibitions.
For example, I learnt a bit of industry, technology, innovation, maritime life, naval reserve, planes and music. Also, I could see a collection of urban sketches by Gabriel Campanario a drawer from Spain but he has lived in Seattle since 8 years ago and he works in a local newspaper where you can see his sketches which are really interesting.
I went to 4 galleries, in the first one which I entered talked about Washington history and how people arrived at Seattle. Therefore, I think this city is multicultural since ever.
Seattle has had different periods of evolution and I could see in its buildings many structures, for example Space Needle is an icon, a landmark built since 1962. As well as famous people not only because of buildings with amazing architecture but musicians as Kurt Cobain who was very famous around the world.
I took many photos, of course one of these photos is very representative because there was a plane hanging on the middle of the roof, so it was a Boeing B-1 on display and you could see it better since first floor.
I liked the innovative machine of electroshocks and I think it has had an impact on the evolution of science due to the fact that it has helped to many people with heart arrests and it began at the end of the 60`s. It was amazing.

Finally, outside you can see a beautiful view since The lake Union is there with many ships or boats.